About The Project

The railroad underpass on East North Broadway between Silver Drive and Indianola Avenue represents a common gateway between the Clintonville and North Linden communities. In 2012, history themed murals were painted on the walls of this railroad underpass. These murals depict 200 plus years of the history of northern Clinton Township. The murals serve to beautify the area and provide an educational tool for current and future generations.

Because the underpass is a gateway between two Columbus neighborhoods, the murals are entitled "The Gateway History Murals at North Broadway".

The Gateway History Murals at North Broadway are over 600 lineal feet- encompassing the north and south walls of the railroad underpass to the west of the bridge. At their highest point, the murals are 14'8".

The creation effort was led by the Clintonville Historical Society, the Maize Road Business Association and the North Broadway Street Association.

The City of Columbus Department of Development was instrumental in making this project possible.

The project received the financial support of Chase and the Greater Columbus Arts Council via a 200Columbus Grant, the United Way via a Neighborhood Partnership Grant and Ohio Health via a Community grant. In addition to these grants, the project received over $12,500 in private donations. In kind donations were received from Glidden Professional and Mozart's Piano Cafe. Hundreds of volunteer hours have been contributed to this monumental project.

Community Process

When designing the mural, project leaders met with over 200 area residents to obtain feedback on their impressions of the images under consideration.

Early on, project leaders hosted a reception for the home owners who live on either side of the mural and a public reception at the Whetstone Library.

The Clintonville Historical Society attended and made presentations at formal meetings of the North Broadway Street Association and the Maize Road Civic Association. They presented the mural design to Clintonville Arts Guild, the Northern Kiwanis, the Civitans, and the Clintonville Rotary. Project leaders attended every Clintonville Area Commission meeting from the launch of the project to its completion and provided updates as requested. The local newspapers provided excellent news coverage of the murals at they unfolded. Social media was also used to communicate.

Our Supporters

Clintonville Historical Society
North Broadway Street Association
Maize Road Civic Association
City of Columbus Department of Development

HISTORIAN LEVEL ($2,500 or more)
Glidden Professional
Greater Columbus Arts Council
Osteopathic Heritage Foundation
United Way of Central Ohio
The Columbus Foundation
Carole and Michael Tomko
Suzanne and David Fisher
Mozart's Piano Cafe/Doris and Anand Saha

PLATINUM LEVEL ($1,000-$2,449)
Sandy and Tom Trinter
Mary Rauschenberg
Micaela Stratton
The India Oak Pub
RDP Foodservice
Stephen and Felecia Paras Krakowka

GOLD LEVEL ($250-$999)
North Broadway Historical Planning Board (N.B.H.P.B.), LLC
Nathaniel and Molly Thayer-Walter
Rex and Joni Lovett-Schlagenhauf
Michael Ranney and Greg Nutter
Vickie Hamer/The Printer Image

SILVER LEVEL ($100-$249)
Richard and Janet Pfeiffer, Jr.
Charlotte Callahan
Terry and Martha Miller
Annelies and Algy McBride
Steve and Ann Wilson
Kevin Johnston
Dr. and Mrs. Salvatore Lowry
Catherine Hunziker
Gary Means and Jane Holfelt
Nora Huber
Paul and Linda Bingle
Shirley and Ed Cotter
Thomas and Katherine Ann Knostman-Brownstein
Cynthia and Mark Coulcy
Greg Denby
Elizabeth and Karl Wetherholt
Karen Pettus and Bobbe Fulton
Weiland's Fine Meats/Jennifer Williams
Tim and Katie Conway

FRIEND LEVEL ($50-$99)
Donato's Pizza
Buffalo Wild Wings
Re/Max Capital Centre, Inc. and Pat Kerns Davis
Lynnette Boyce
Maria Gentile and William Overko
Judith and James Oliver
Dirk and Kelly Greene
Giant Eagle
Jean Hiatt
Stephen Ralston, D.D.S.
Monica Durbin
Greg Immel

Our Special Thanks to:
Columbus Arts Commission
This Week/The Booster
The Columbus Dispatch
Experience Clintonville
The Clintonville Woman's Club
Inga Smith
Julie Schatz and Taylor Hansen
Midwest Camera Exchange

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