About the Artists

Photo by Julie Schatz and T.J. Hansen


Artist Gregory Ackers, of Powell, Ohio, designed and implemented the Gateway History Murals at East North Broadway. Greg is a graduate of The Ohio University and holds a bachelor of Fine Arts from that esteem institution. He has completed more than fifty murals including several other large murals in the Columbus area.

Several assistants worked with Mr. Ackers on the completion of these murals. Among those, his wife - Anna Boyd-Ackers, who works as the Fine Arts instructor at Fort Hayes Career Center.

Photo by Julie Schatz and T.J. Hansen


Intern William Wallace, a resident of the Linden area, worked on the mural. Rasul Elder of Bexley was caught surveying his work on the mural by photographer Paul Vernon. That image was published in the September 6, 2012 issue of the Booster.

Current CCAD students working on the mural include Katie Barron and Marnica Yoeun. Both attended Fort Hayes prior to enrolling at CCAD.

Fort Hayes students Allison Richmond-Leigh, Grace O'Grady and Asher Pollock also contributed their skills to the mural.

Volunteers on this project included Juaquin Smith and Betty Young. Betty's work on the Dahlia fields of the murals was captured by photographer Adam Cairns and published in the Columbus Dispatch on September 4, 2012.

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