Photo by Inga Smith

The Clinton Theater

It was New Year's Day in 1927, the Clintonville neighborhood was booming. William M. James owned several movie theaters in the Columbus area. The Clinton Theater, designed by architect Harry Holbrook, would open with the film "The Strong Man". The Theater featured an oval domed ceiling with a "pearlescent" effect. The lobby was outfitted with green marble. There was a twenty foot deep stage to accommodate live performances. The main room seated 1,500 guests. Two retail rooms flanked the box office and a dance floor was available above. The theater operated until 1973.

Afterwards, the place was occupied by three tenants: Jimmy Rawlins' Dance Studio, Clintonville Electric and The Winemaker's Shop.

For decades, the Clinton was a place to meet friends and enjoy a show. In October 2010, despite efforts made by local preservationists, this wonderful Adams style building was lost to demolition.

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