Photo by Inga Smith

John Adams

John Adams used the lands in the Northwest Territory as compensation to men who served in the Revolutionary War. The Territory was surveyed and divided into five mile squares. Each square represented a Township. These Townships were divided among the soldiers based on their contributions during the war.

One of the soldiers benefiting from the land division was General Jonathan Dayton. In all, General Dayton received over 60,000 acres of land. He sold or otherwise transferred this land to those interested in settling in the "West".

The Mural images relate to the history of the northern half of Clinton Township. Clinton Township was named for George Dewitt Clinton-the first governor of New York, responsible for the creation of the Erie Canal and Vice-President to Thomas Jefferson.

General Dayton sold the northeast quarter section of Clinton Township to the Scioto Company.

John Rathbone, a New York merchant, purchased the northwest quarter of Clinton Township.

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