Photo by Inga Smith

Longview Barber Shop

In 1919, Waldo "Tom" Pletcher returned from WWI. His job in Zanesville had been filled by another during his absence. He needed to find work. His sister lived in the Clintonville neighborhood and advised him that she thought he might find work there. He moved to Clintonville. For a brief time, he tried his hand at selling tires. Then, Tom asked Jimmy Kinnaird if he could open a barber shop in the back store room of the Jimmie's Pharmacy. The Pharmacy was located at the corner of Brighton Road and High Street. The back room was accessible from the Brighton Road side of the building. Jimmy said "yes" and Pletcher's Barber Shop was born. That was 1919.

In 1926, the barber shop expanded and moved to 3311 North High. The shop now had four chairs and a beauty salon in the back. Lemon Joe served as the shop's valet-hanging jackets and shining shoes. In 1943, Tom became seriously ill and sold his business to employee Bill Morgan. In the 1980s, Longview Barber Shop moved to its current location at 3325 North High. This business represents the oldest, continually operating Clintonville business. Hundreds of boys and men have had their hair cut by the barbers at Longview.

Check out the barber shop's site to learn some more.

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