Photo by Inga Smith

The Lustron Company

After WWII, soldiers returned home to start families. As a result, there was a great need for housing. The Federal government worked to finance private businesses that could create that housing efficiently. Lustron homes were fabricated steel homes that were manufactured here in Ohio. These homes were marketed as being low maintenance and extremely durable. There were four models- The Westchester, The Westchester Deluxe, the Hampton, and the Meadowbrook.

Many of the homes had built in furnishings. In addition, equipment upgrades were available for purchase. One upgrade was a combination dishwasher and clothes washer. The baked enamel exterior coating of the homes came in eight colors including surf blue, maize yellow, dove gray, and pink. The homes were small, most under 1,000 square feet but every inch had at least one use. Since the interior and exterior were made of steel, it was difficult to hang artwork in these homes! By then, The Lustron Company was not able to meet its orders and closed its business, declaring bankruptcy in 1950.

Today, three Lustron homes exist in Clintonville.

The Ohio Historical Society currently has a full-scale replica on display at its History Center. Find out more here!

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