Photo by Inga Smith

The Moon Brothers/Clintonville Rug Company

The name Clintonville is associated with a post office that opened on September 13, 1847. This post office was located in the Clintonville Rug Company-a small building on the west side of High Street near Orchard Lane.

In 1850, the railroad came to the area. Irish immigrants were the primary labor force used to construct this rail system. The Moon brothers, Charles and Alford, were listed in the 1850 as members of the railroad crew. Later census data shows their country of origin as England. The Moons settled in northeastern Clinton Township. They established a large brick making operation. The names of many early settlers, including the Moons, are preserved in the street names of the community. Moon Road is east of Interstate 71 and south of Cooke Road. It is named for these brothers.

Today, a Donatos Pizza resides on this spot.

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