Photo by Inga Smith

North Broadway Depot

In 1890, James Loren, his wife Annabelle and their partner Herman Dennison created the first housing sub-division in the greater Clintonville area. They laid out a road that would run parallel to the existing east west county road (now known as Oakland Park). That road was called North Broadway. 73 one acre building lots were planned. Features of the project included a depot on the east end of North Broadway, electric lights, wide tree lawns and sidewalks and a road bed made entirely of Hallwood block. Several large homes were built almost immediately. But, it took time for the housing to develop. In fact, almost 100 years of architectural history is evident on East North Broadway between the Railroad and North High Street. Because of the diversity of architecture and the excellent condition of that architecture, this portion of North Broadway is listed as a historic district on the National Register of Historic Places.

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