Photo by Inga Smith

Whetstone Park

Whetstone Park represents one of the last large farms of the Clintonville area. Owned by the Fuller Family, the citizens of Clintonville worked with the City of Columbus to preserve this land as a park. The City of Columbus purchased the farm in 1944. In April of 1948, the land was officially established as a City park and was named Whetstone Park.

Whetstone Park is named after the river. Early on, the rivers of Ohio were renamed to immortalize the Native American names assigned to each. Unfortunately, our river was mistitled "Olentangy" (the true name of Big Darby). The native name was Whetstone--the river being known for its stones used to sharpen knives.

Whetstone Park is also home to the Park of Roses, which was established in 1953. This park within a park features a pre-civil war era gazebo-relocated here from Fort Hayes- as well as a beautiful mid-century style shelter house. The shelter house is available for rent and it is a popular wedding reception site. When the Park of Roses was first designed, the American Rose Society moved its offices from Pennsylvania to Ceramic Dr. When the society relocated to Louisiana, the Rose Society building became the Barbara Roselea Center and provided Senior Citizens with a meeting place. Several years ago, that deco style building was demolished.

Pictured here is the Edwards Fountain, named in honor of John T. Edwards, Sr., who owned a steel fabricating business.

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