Photo by Julie Schatz and T.J. Hansen

Bill Moose and the Wyandotte Nation

The Wyandotte Nation, a branch of the Huron tribe, travelled through Clinton Township frequently. They used the river (now known as the Olentangy but recorded on early maps as the Whetstone) to navigate the dense forest. In preparation for the settlement of the area by pioneers, the Wyandotte were relocated to Kansas. Several Wyandotte families remained and the ravines of Central Ohio were popular places for these Natives.

The rock formations were natural shelter from the weather. There are stories of a woman in the Overbrook ravine who was known for her salt making skills. Bill Moose, the last of the Wyandotte in Ohio, lived much of his life in the Clinton Township area. The ravine in southern Sharon Township bears his name -The Bill Moose Run. When he died in 1937, he was buried with honors along the Scioto River. Stories say that over 20,000 people attended his funeral.

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